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With the Wickfab Oil Filter Adapter, you can use either the WIX 51060R*, 51060XP* or the 57202XP* oil filters. any other brand Duramax oil filter fits as well.


When the oil passes through the filter element, it poses a flow restriction. When the pressure on the inlet side of the filter becomes 8-10 psi higher than the pressure on the outlet side of the filter, the internal bypass opens to be able to supply the motor as needed.


There is more restriction in the oil filter when the oil is cold. At this point, as it is thicker, the oil does not pass through the filter element but through the internal bypass in the filter. When the oil is hot, there is less oil going through the bypass, especially at low RPM. At high RPM, the small filter itself is not able to supply 100%, so the internal bypass is almost always open.


You read that correctly, the "oil filter" is letting unfiltered oil through your engine! It is as bad as it sounds!


With the 51060R and 51060XP filter, there is no bypass valve at all. It filters the oil at ALL times! This limits collateral damage from foreign object debris that would otherwise re-contaminate the engine when using the factory filter arrangement from wear particles or debris.Thanks to its big 60 micron filter element, the R version can flow up to 28 GPM while the XP version flows 9-10GPM with the 21 micron element .

The 57202XP filter still got a bypass valve but it opens at 15 psi differential pressure and got a nominal micron rating of 21.


**We recommend the WIX 57202XP  for street/race use.
**We recommend the WIX 51060XP for racing application only.



Recommended for F/H series, K series. 

Not recommended for B&D series

Not compatible with "sandwich plate" adapter
Not compatible with OE oil cooler


WIX 51060 Oil filter Adapter

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